Paul Williams’ Specialties

I’m Paul Williams, the owner of PWSpecialties, Inc. I have been involved in engine building and the racing business for over 30 years. For me, repairing and restoring cars is a God-given talent. Even at a very young age, if it involved an engine, I just understood it.

As I got into racing, it became clear I needed to learn how to increase the performance and life of the integrated components: the engine, exhaust, transmission, drivetrain, and rear-end. It all started with the need to know how to make parts hold up better.

I became passionate about finding ways to go faster and making custom modifications to parts to enable longer life and better performance. Over time I have turned this passion into a finely honed skill.

Over the years I have been committed to accomplishing the goals of my customers: to win races and championships and to set records. I enjoy fixing things that others can’t or are unwilling to try.